The Googlepocalypse may never come but you should still have a contingency plan in case it does! Finally, think about the kind of person that is likely to be deeply ingrained with the Microsoft ecosystem. Who is likely to use Microsoft software suites and hardware?
Simple: businesses. That means executives, CTOs and managers. And that means they’re also likely to be looking at Bing. If that’s your target demographic, then you should strongly consider adding Bing ads to your campaign.
More Reasons That Bing Ads May be Better Than AdSense

There are more reasons that Bing might be the better choice for building an effective PPC campaign. For example, it is generally considered that Bing offers superior control over ad campaigns in some aspects. For example, Bing allows you to set different ad campaigns for different time zones, allowing for sophisticated ‘ad scheduling’ strategies. This can end up making an important difference to your success – as in comedy, timing is everything for marketing.


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