Not only will there be benefits to your bank account by creating this work-from-home art and music business, but you’ll also be exposing your children to the arts in an amazing way. There are so many benefits to the arts in children’s education.
With more and more schools around the country deeming art and music classes unnecessary benefits that take too much time out of core teaching, keeping your children exposed to the world of the arts is really going to have far-reaching benefits.
Here’s why it’s good for kids when their parents have an art and/or music business right in their own home.

Important Developmental Benefits

Children who have been exposed to art and music in their education will benefit by hitting developmental milestones.

Both art and music are beneficial to a child’s language development. In young children, art helps them learn their colors and new words simply by discussing works of art. Likewise, children will learn new words from discussing music. When children learn words to music it’s teaching them more vocabulary. Verbal competency is strengthened by music and art.


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